Welcome, it's Giulia from Italy.

I cry because football at least 4 times a day.
I'm the queen of shipping and I have no regrets.
And Marco Reus took over my exsistence.

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Dan vs Phil: First half of 2014


Football meme: [4/4] stadiums: biggest stadiums in europe (by capacity)

As I walk into the stadium and look at the ground,
I feel like I've come home,
my spiritual home

bambiharmony said: Z

I have alway being honest about my shipping so I think none! :)

thank you xx

prinz10podozil said: A, M, P :D

A- My OTP is, and will always be Mario and Marco.I’m just too atached to them to let go and I genuinely think that they have something special.

M- I got pulled into the 5SOS fandom by my friend  (damn u)

P- durmmels AU- Mats is a magazine director and Erik his apprentice

thank you so much love <3

Welcome to LFC, Dejan!


Rot-Weiss Essen - Borussia Dortmund 5:1

0:1 Aubameyang (8.)
0:2 Aubameyang (10.)
0:3 Subotic (22.)
0:4 Mkhitaryan (25.)
0:5 Immobile (30.)
1:5 Soukou (40.)

Anonymous said: what do you think about Schweinsteiger's video?

I don’t care that much tbh?
Bastian is one of my favourite players in the world and yes, what he said annoys me a bit. But this thing is going to far.
He’s a Bayern player, but not just a player he’s a fan first and that video was leaked form his private life, it’s not recent from what I see and he apologized.

I think it’s also because he’s the one who’s most likely to succeed Lahm in captaining the NT and BVB fans will not go easy on him after this


falling for a player on a rival team like